5 Benefits Of Using Metal Comb For Hair?

5 Benefits Of Using Metal Comb For Hair?

We all take care of our hair in terms of washing, using better shampoo, conditioning them, and all. But have you ever thought about whether you use a suitable and proper comb for combing your hair? It is time to know about which comb is good for your hair.

Many these days use plastic combs, which are said to be not a better choice while the metal combs are said to be used because of the benefits of using metal comb for hair. Nature has given us so many good things and one of the best in the world.

Wood is used for many purposes to make our lives more comfortable. Wood can be carved into combs. Have you known about it previously? Some of the people who are aware of the wooden combs use it to maintain their health and the beauty of their hair.

The 5 benefits of wooden combs are:

Keep the scalp healthy: If the scalp is healthy, it will lock the hair properly and keep your scalp healthy. Use of a wooden comb can be beneficial. Wooden combs while brushing your hair will activate the acupuncture points and give a massage to your scalp.

Nourishes your hair: The oil present in your hair will be distributed evenly across your tresses with the help of your wooden comb. It does not just aim at keeping your hair healthier and reducing hair fall but it will help to make your hair shinier and bouncer.

Improves hair growth: The wooden comb helps in improving the blood flow to your scalp, which in turn will provide the follicles to get sufficient nutrients. This will keep the follicles healthier and in turn, helps in hair growth.

Prevents greasiness: Many of us will be irritated by the greasiness in the scalp, which happens due to the uneven distribution of oil to the tresses. Wooden combs distribute the natural oils evenly on the scalp, which will reduce greasiness.

Removes foreign particles: Due to the pollution, few unwanted foreign particles like dust get attached to our hair. The plastic combs attach these particles to the hair because of the heavy charge in them. Whereas the wooden combs easily help in cleansing such particles from your hair and scalp.

Hence, it is better to switch toward metal comb hair using, so that you can keep your hair healthy and shiny. Nourishing better is important for healthy hair.