How To Wash And Dry Correctly Very Long Hair?

How To Wash And Dry Correctly Very Long Hair?

Long hairs are the dream of many girls. Maintaining long hairs can be difficult but if you do so you can envy people by your long, shiny and glowing hairs. Maintaining hairs means keeping them nourished and protecting them the damage of the environment. Your hairs might be damaged from the heat, cold or pollution when you travel outside.

If you do not treat them regularly, you might end up having rough and dry hairs. It is easy to let your hairs get damaged but with a little patience and consistency, you can keep them shining all the time.

There is a way of shampooing your hair correctly. Washing your hairs the wrong way can further damage them. You might not notice the damage initially but it might show up eventually. In the article, you will learn how to correctly wash and dry very long hair.

If you follow the procedure carefully, you can maintain healthy long hair without having to cut it regularly. Most of the girls dream to have long flowing hairs. It is possible with the steps below.


Steps to wash long hairs correctly:

It is important that you first wet your hairs. It is important that your hairs are not only wet but also drenched failing which you might not develop the thick lather from shampooing. This way you will consume more shampoo which means more chemical and dryness of hairs. Try to avoid hot water during bath as it might burn or damage your scalp.

Use lukewarm or cold water instead. Always shampoo more on the roots and scalp as this area is where the sweat builds up over time from dust and pollution. Try to shampoo less downwards i.e. the tip as they are comparatively drier to the roots. Do not rub or scratch the scalps rather massage gently and rinse off.

Post shampooing tips:

However, correct shampooing helps to clean your hairs without damaging them you need to also know the long hair haircare routine. Wrap your hairs in an absorbent cloth or towel and keep it for 5 minutes. You can consider applying a conditioner but only at the ends. Conditioning at the roots will make your hairs look oily and a complete mess.

Other important tips:

Combing hairs when they are wet is not ideal. Wait for them to dry and let them dry naturally rather than using a dryer.

Though the tips may sound simple, not following them can make your hairs rough and dry over time.