7 Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster At Home

7 Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster At Home

Who has not dreamed of those long, silky, luxuriant hair? Imagine the wonderful things you can do with those lovely locks- curl, wave, layer, and color! Sounds super fun, isn’t it? Hair has always been a symbol of strength and attraction. It is associated with beauty, youthfulness in women, and virility and masculinity in men. Apart from these standards, many religious sentiments are attached to it as well. Waking up to a lot of fallen hair on the bed sheet is a common scenario in every other household.

Know the various methods that will help in growing hair fast:

Get the ways to make hair grow faster at home

Tired of hiding those bald patches? No worries! Let these effective home remedies work their magic.

Make oil your best friend- A hot oil massage at the end of the day will not only relax the body but also open those hair follicles to welcome the nourishment. Wonder who doesn’t need that now! It stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the follicles and moisturizing the dry ends.

luxuriant hair

Petroleum jelly- Yes, you read it right! This common household ingredient can make hair shiny and smooth like never before. Just apply a little bit to the scalp and leave it overnight to incubate and voila!

Onions- Those little evil things have brought many tears but they are a blessing in disguise when it comes to hair. Onion juice has sulphur, which prevents the thinning of hair and boosts its growth. The presence of antioxidants also helps in reversing premature greying of hair. Just apply it to the roots for 30 minutes before a shower and boom!

Healthy diet- “Eat your greens” has been every mother’s favorite dialogue. Eating protein and vitamin-rich foods such as eggs, spinach, fish, nuts, berries, etc. fastens the hair growth process, thus, keeping them healthy and nourished.

Aloe Vera- Either drink it or apply it but it will not disappoint. It soothes the scalp and removes dandruff and excess oil clogging the hair follicles.

Trim the ends- Those split ends need to go before spreading. Trimming at home removes the dry, undesired ends thus making hair more lustrous.

More conditioner, less shampoo- Make this a motto to not shampoo the hair regularly as it takes away the good and essential oil required to induce the growth.

Get rid of all those lifeless, bushy, brittle locks with these tricks to grow hair faster. Say bye to all those bad hair days.