How To Repair Damaged Color Treated Hair?

How To Repair Damaged Color Treated Hair?

Colouring your hair can seem rebellious, fun and wild at some time but it will exact a huge price from your hair if not taken proper care. Hair damage is not just about split ends or dry hair; it is about the cracks that develop in the cuticle or the outermost layer which leads to a lot of damage such as dull frizzy hair. So, are there ways to get healthy colored hair? Read on to know more.

Check out the dye:

Whether it is pastel or mermaid or you trying to cover a few errant greys, the consequences will last longer than the hair colour. These dyes take away the natural moisture of the hair and make the smooth hair course. So how to repair damaged colour treated hair? Opt for the shades that fall within the three shades of your hair. Choose the hair colours that would not require regular touch-ups. Also, do not dye often and use shampoos that are specifically meant for the dyed hair.

dyed hair

Use olive oil:

Olive oil is a treasure house of benefits. It is good not only for the external application but also for internal purposes. In this case, a dose of olive oil will help your tresses to rehydrate and restore the much-needed moisture.

Limit the use of bleach:

Bleach is one of the main culprits behind the hair damage. The hair needs to be bleached when one wants to get shades like light green or red. The product removes the natural hair color and takes the melanin along with it. The process leaves the hair brittle, dry and prone to easy damage due to environmental conditions. So what to do after bleaching? First of all, limit the use of bleach and use a hat to protect against the UV rays. Avoid hair styling activities that will increase the hair damage.

Dye your hair roots only:

Reapply the dye only till the roots to minimise the exposure to the chemicals. Space the reapplication between 10 to 12 weeks.

Trim off the damaged portions:

There is no way around it as this is the only long-term option. Once the damaged portions are removed, use natural homemade conditioners or one can purchase gentle or leave-in conditioners that will deeply nourish your malnourished hair.

There is a reason behind calling conditioner as the best friend of damaged hair.