5 Ways To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

5 Ways To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Applying mascara is neither hard nor easy; your eyes are very sensitive, so you need to be conscious while applying any product. Here we will discuss some ways to apply mascara like a pro to look jaw-droopingly gorgeous.

Quick tips:

If you are running out of time and no time to does a proper routine-makeup before applying your mascara coat. Don’t worry, just apply a primer or primer based sunscreen to prepare your skin before going on sunlight.

mascara coatTake an empty wand and apply a little bit of baby powder or foundation and touch it to your lashes, curl your lashes with your curler, if you do not have any curler dab the warmth of your index fingers tip and press lightly to the upward direction for a few seconds and then apply one coat of mascara.

For more volume, use the second layer of the coat. It will look like you have natural volume lashes, and roll once again to expand your eyes a little bit bigger look with your curler or wand.

Makeup tips:

Now come to your best makeup look with mascara.

First prep your skin with a primer, base, or foundation, like usually what you do on every single makeup day, even do not forget to apply it on your eyelid, if it is necessary you can apply Concealer as well to give brighter look.

Choose the eye-shadow colour according to your skin and blend it well over your eyelid and as well lower eye-line.

Apply eyeliner on the upper-lid and lower-lid if your look deserves a contrast with your skin.

Then come to the main part of applying mascara, and apply with the previous quick techniques we have discussed before.

When it is about an essential makeup finishing you can never end-up without a coat of mascara, which gives your eyelashes a pretty look. If you want to give your eyes a simple but gorgeous look, try to apply mascara perfectly with delicacy on your lashes and look beautiful.