Benefits Of The Lavender Oil For Hair

Benefits Of The Lavender Oil For Hair

Introduction about Lavender Oil For The Hair

Essential oils are being used for different purposes. The essential oil of lavender is normally made directly from the lavender plant. With the help of some advanced techniques, the lavender essential oil is full of the required compounds which are helpful in alleviating migraine and pain. Some of the benefits of using lavender oil for hair have been discussed in this article.

Benefits of the Lavender essential oil for hair

According to some studies, the lavender oil can help in keeping the hair lice at bay. It also has properties that could kill the hair lice.

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Some of the infections of the scalp and dryness can be treated with the lavender oil. It helps in reducing the inflammation and helps in speeding up the healing process.

According to some research, the lavender oil that was experimentally applied to the mice made the hair grow more than usual. The hair of the mice under test also grew thicker and faster than normal. It is said that the lavender oil also helps in treating baldness.

The soothing smell of the lavender oil may help in calming down the nervous system. People mainly feel a more pleasurable, and relaxed mood after applying the lavender oil on hair. It thus helps in reducing the stress also.

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This oil has the antimicrobial properties that mainly help in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi. When lavender oil is being applied on hair or the scalp, this helps in preventing some of the common scalp issues like dandruff, itchy scalp, and infections.

By gently and regularly massaging the scalp with the lavender oil, one can increase the blood circulation to the scalp, including the hair follicles. These are some hair Pros of applying lavender oil.

One should make sure they should not apply a lot of essential oils on their skin. It can lead to some skin irritation.