Is It Bad To Comb Hair After Washing?

Is It Bad To Comb Hair After Washing?

Combing hair when wet has always been a debate between women through ages. The hair is a sensitive matter for women and has a confusion going on for a long time. The hair is a complex structure that differs from one another in nature, different texture requires a different type of work. The question as to what should be good or bad is answered with a lot of opinions from different women.

The prospect of combing hair after washing

To comb wet hair there can be many theories that prove that it helps with –

  • It helps in detangling the hair.
  • Helps to tackle with knots better, without causing any hair damage because of the knots.
  • The combing after the wash is done due to various reasons such as drying the hair faster.
  • Also, it helps the hair set and adjusts better with the way it is moulded.

The problems faced due to the drying

  • It can damage the hair cuticles on a deep level.
  • Creates long term problems
  • Causes hair fall in many women.
  • Can cause the hair to form frizz from the rough handling.
  • Cause breakage in the hair

How to solve the problem involving the same

  • To avoid problems like hair damage it is suggested to detangle the hairs before washing hair.
  • After combing hair, one can apply the spits or the leave-in conditioner for hair.
  • Using a wide mouth comb can help in detangling hair without damaging for the worst.
  • The water should be let out of the hair before the combing of the hair.
  • Dating on the towel and releasing the extra water and can help with detangling by setting with an appropriate finger.
  • It should be done swiftly to remove any tangles gently.

tips for combing

The best tips for combing and washing

The hair should be set up properly before showering to get the best results. The hair should be detangled properly before washing to avoid any harmful results. The comb hair after washing is not beneficial in most cases and it is best to take measures for the same.

The best conclusion for the discussion goes with being very gentle with hair while combing out the knots. The hair is very fragile in places and gets the best for the people who take care of their hair with the utmost sensitivity and proper hair care routines.